Is it spring yet?!

I am sitting in my office and I can hear the youngest children in our school (1 year olds) literally bouncing off of the walls!  This winter has been such a challenge for all of the children in our school, and their teachers!  We firmly believe that children have the right to be outside as … Continue reading

A new school year

We are 3 weeks into our new school year!  The children are all beginning to settle into their new classrooms, getting use to their new routines and new teachers.  It can be a bit of a wild ride, but we all know it does settle down about 3 weeks in! I’m constantly in awe of … Continue reading

Children’s Nutrition

Last night the parents and teachers of Knight Hall School had a wonderful opportunity to learn about the importance of nutrition not only for their child, but for themselves as well.  There were many questions about picky eaters, serving sizes and varieties of food.  A lot has changed since the day of the Food pyramid!  … Continue reading

What is on my bookshelf?

During a conversation last night a parent asked if I would be willing to share my favorite development books.  I went home and looked on my bookshelf and my bedside table.  There are so many choices!  I noted some of my “always go to”, and “spend the most time getting back from friends” books. Not in order … Continue reading

Are we worthy of our children?

Each and every child at Knight Hall School is a marvel.  Each and every day each teacher helps every child see just how spectacular they are.  Please take 2 minutes to watch this video.  It will brighten your day!

Teacher by day, actor by night!

You may be surprised to learn that our teaching staff have many talents!  Bev, who teaches in the Blue Room, showcased her talents this past weekend in, Shrek, the Musical!  The show opened at the Warner Theater in Torrington, Ct this past Friday.  Many of the children from Knight Hall have or plan to attend!  Sam’s mom shared … Continue reading