Mission & Philosophy

At Knight Hall School, education is based on the firm belief that children learn best in an environment that is non-competitive, child oriented and loving.  We believe that children learn through multiple forms of exploration and discovery. Because every child is different, we seek to build on each child’s individual strengths, needs and interests.

Our classrooms are designed to allow children to make choices, find success in a process, and master skills. Staff thoughtfully create learning environments that give children opportunities to be independent in a safe, nurturing setting.  The children are encouraged to follow their interests and move freely through the learning centers using carefully planned materials in ways that meet individual and group needs. To learn about Knight Hall School’s emergent curriculum, click here.

The school also makes time for two teachers each month to visit other programs to gather ideas and resources. Knight Hall School funds and supports professional development opportunities for all staff.

The teachers see themselves as facilitators of children’s learning. They help each child find ways to extend ideas, solve problems, and to respect the learning process rather than merely the end result. The school puts a high priority on helping teachers in this role. Every teacher is given planning time each week to meet as a team, discuss their observations of individual children and develop activities and materials to support each child’s unique learning and development.

Knight Hall teachers also see themselves as advocates for the children and as resources for families. We know that home and school are equally important learning environments, and seek to build relationships with family members through honest, open two-way communication. We actively seek the thoughts and ideas of families. Knight Hall has an “open door” policy.  Not only are parents welcome, they are encouraged to participate in our program in any way they can. From field trips to joining us for lunch, whether serving on the board of directors or reading stories to a group of children, parents play key roles at Knight Hall School.

Knight Hall is a special place for children and their families.  We help children learn to discover their world!