Is it spring yet?!

I am sitting in my office and I can hear the youngest children in our school (1 year olds) literally bouncing off of the walls!  This winter has been such a challenge for all of the children in our school, and their teachers!  We firmly believe that children have the right to be outside as much as possible!  However, this winter has thrown so many obstacles in our way to provide that right.  The cold and the depth of snow have been our major challenges.

I have watched as the teachers come up with new and inventive ways to help the children exert energy in ways that are safe, yet satisfying.  The 2 year olds have been working on a larger than life, paper mache alligator.  this allows them to use big body motions, large brush strokes,  constant motion uses up some energy.  The 1 year old class has see-saws, ride on toys and climbing stairs.  They also have been filling their sensory table with snow!  A great way for the children to experience the lovely white fluffy stuff without having to actually be in the stuff!  Our preschoolers have created obstacle course, created large building with big heavy blocks and most peacefully practiced yoga.  The preschoolers have had a few opportunities to get outside; when the temperature cooperated!

Teaching young children is all about flexibility and creativity!  The teaching staff at Knight Hall works hard to bring meaningful play into the classroom, no matter what the obstacles may be!

So, let’s hope that winter is on its way out and spring is on its way in!



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