KHS Annual Appeal Update to Parents

May 7, 2013

Dear Parents & Families of Knight Hall Students,

The KHS Annual Campaign is in full swing!  While we don’t want to bombard you with too many messages, we do want to share the good news that we have raised $1,396.00 so far! Each of these dollars will be subject to an anonymous match, so that is really $ 2,792.00 for KHS!   Woohoo!!!

We still need your help to reach our $5,000 goal.  If you haven’t had a chance to donate and wish to do so, remember that each dollar donated between now and May 15 (just 8 days left!) receives the benefit of the dollar for dollar match ($5000 is the cap), so help us double up! As a reminder, donations can be made by check (mail or drop off) or at .  Please consider forwarding this email to friends and family as well.

Just as a sample of what creative, educational activities go on each day at KHS, here are some of the classroom highlights from this past week:

Purple Room (Infants) : The Purple Room children have been very busy exploring buckles, locks and balls! Working on puzzles that have many different forms of locks, fun to open and close! They love the pillow that has every kind of buckle known to man! And balls, balls everywhere!!! The Purple Room is on the move and exploring their world!

Red Room (Young Toddlers): The children discovered new blocks! These blocks were built by an Orange Room parent, but loved by all of the children. I witnessed some pretty impressive uses incorporating many different types of props!

Yellow Room ( 2 – 3 Year-Olds): How many ways can you paint? Ask the children in the Yellow Room! They have painted with sponges, sand balls, and brushes!  They’ve also been growing individual sunflowers and little tubs of grass – wonderful discussions about Spring, nature, and growing.

Blue Room (Pre-School 3): The students made “birdseed babies” and practiced caring for them. How much fun it was to see all these little “parents” taking care of their young.

Orange Room (Pre-School 4): Do you know how big our parking lot is? No? Go ask an Orange Roomer! They measured the parking lot; using many creative forms of measurement they really began to understand the process of measurement!

As always, thanks for your support of Knight Hall School!

Martha & the Board of Directors

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