Wildlife at Knight Hall School

We have discovered that a family of 7 baby skunks and their mom have taken up residence at Knight Hall School, more specifically, under our front porch!  The children I the Red and Purple rooms (toddlers) were able to watch them waddle across our front playgrounds on a rainy afternoon.  The class rooms were a buzz with excitement!

We did have to call a wildlife specialist to come and set “save a heart” traps.  It will be interesting and intriguing to watch as we catch the skunks, from a far mind you!  I was told that baby skunks can spray, they just have no control of the direction!

I can just imagine what will be happening in all of our classrooms as we go through the process of catching the skunks.  Math, science, social studies, there are no limits!!!!  I’ll keep you posted!

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